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Latest Trinity Update - March 19th 2021

19 March 2021 14:44

From Jon and the Trinity team

A phrase that is often used when something new starts is Hit the ground running and it carries with it the idea that when we start something new, we seize the opportunity, and we get stuck in quickly to this new chapter of life with great energy and enthusiasm.

The origin of the phrase Hit the ground running probably comes from the idea that when soldiers parachuted out of a plane that when they hit the ground, they immediately run in order to get stuck into battle.

On Monday, Guernsey starts recovery stage three and life on the whole will go back to normal in terms of schools, workplaces, churches, shops and restaurants. We are going to begin a new chapter of life again in the midst of this ongoing global pandemic.

And for some people they just want to hit the ground running and get stuck back in again to the activity and busyness of life

But what about starting recovery stage 3 differently and not hitting the ground running but actually hitting the ground listening? Listening to ourselves, listening to others and listening to God

How about we hit the ground listening to ourselves by asking some questions as to where we are at personally? Some questions I find helpful ar

  • What am I angry about?
  • What am I sad about?
  • What am I anxious about?
  • What am I glad about?

Listening to those answers puts us in touch with our true self rather than a false self and listening to ourselves helps us to live life differently.

How about we hit the ground listening to others? Apparently after an earthquake when the rescue team goes into a devastated town or city, they don’t rush to the biggest pile of rocks and start digging but they walk around slowly and quietly listening to cries of help and listening for signs of life. How about we hit the ground listening so that in our families or schools or workplaces or community we start by listening to others for cries of help and signs of life and then respond appropriately

And how about we hit the ground listening to God for his counsel and guidance remembering that we are created to hear his voice and like sheep, who know the voice of the shepherd, so we too can hear the voice of God - in the scriptures, in prayer, through others and in silence.

So, come Monday can I encourage you not to hit the ground running but to put aside some time to hit the ground listening to yourself, to others and to God

Some Trinity News

Trinity Cafe - will open again on Thursday 25th March. The cafe will be open every Thursday and Friday from 9-2 for coffee, breakfast, homemade cakes and simple lunches. Please come and support us as we get the cafe up and running again after a year of being closed! 

The Leprosy Mission - on Sunday 21st march at 6pm on Zoom there will be a Guernsey Leprosy Sunday Service! Daniel Foot (St Martin's Rector) will lead the service, Trevor Grant from the Leprosy Mission will speak and Darcey Bussell will look at this year’s project in Mozambique. The Zoom link is as follows:

Coming back to Trinity for worship - we are planning to have a 9am, 10.40am and 6pm service on Palm Sunday, March 28th. We will be taking names at the 10.40am as it will be a gathering of over 100 people. Hand sanitizer will be available at each service and masks and social distancing are optional and we won't be sharing the peace with handshakes and hugs! If you are unwell then please stay at home and we completely understand if anyone isn't ready to come back to gathered worship.

Holy Week and Easter at Trinity

Sunday 28th March - Palm Sunday 9am, 10.40am and 6pm worship services

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - The things Jesus carried - Thoughts for the day on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube page.

Thursday 1st April - Tenebrae service at 7.30pm - Tenebrae is Latin for shadows and using song, scripture, prayer and silence we will journey with Jesus to the cross as the shadows drew in on him the night before he was crucified.

Friday 2nd April - Good Friday worship at 10am in the main church and Good Friday interactive activities for Trinity Kids in the Centre at 10am. Coffee and hot cross buns will be served afterwards.

Sunday 4th April - Easter Sunday 9am, 10.40am and 6pm worship services

Holiday at Home Picnic in Candie Gardens - Wednesday 31st March from 12 midday to 2:30pm. If you would like to come along, please contact Helen at / 07781 106032 by Monday 22nd March - thanks so much.

New Termly Later Life Prayer Resource - If praying regularly and specifically for issues that some of those in later life may be struggling with is on your heart, then you may be interested in receiving this simple A4 prayer sheet once a term.  It can easily slip inside your Bible for ease of reference. It has 7 bullet points under the headings struggles, support & services.  If you would like to receive one, please contact Helen at / 07781 10 60 32.  Thank you!