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Latest Trinity Update - January 28th 2021

28 January 2021 11:35

The brilliant poet Brian Bilston recently wrote this poem about January:

Aide Memoire

Thirty days has September,

April, June and November.

Unless a leap year is its fate,

February has twenty eight

but all the rest have three days more,

excepting January,

which has six thousand,

one hundred and eighty-four.

For many, January is the hardest month with short days and long nights.

It can feel like it goes on forever. I'd imagine for those who have been in lockdown for all of January it has been particularly hard.

With news this past week that there have been over 100,000 deaths from Covid 19 in the UK it's no wonder that the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, Justin and Stephen have called us to pray. They write:

100,000 isn't just an abstract figure. Each number is a person: someone we loved and someone who loved us. We also believe that each of these people was known to God and cherished by God.

And we are being encouraged to set aside time each day at 6pm from the 1st of February to pray as prayer is an act of love. Maybe this prayer will help you with that? Click here for some more helpful prayer resources.

Gracious God,
as we remember before you the thousands
who have died,
surround us and all who mourn with your
strong compassion.
Be gentle with us in our grief,
protect us from despair,
and give us grace to persevere
and face the future with hope
in Jesus Christ our risen Lord.

Yet despite this long month, this hard news and this difficult season we can face the future with hope.

In my damp and bleak back garden there is a solitary snowdrop. A simple, pure and humble flower that has pierced through the mud and fallen leaves. It is a herald of the longer, warmer days of spring. It is a sign of hope.

As God's people we live as a people of hope - because God raised Jesus from the dead. In the kingdom of God He will wipe every tear from our eyes. Death does not have the last word.

With love and prayers

Jon and the Trinity Team


During this lockdown a lot of what we do as a church community is online. Click here for more details.

Guernsey Welfare Service - the Foodbank continues to operate from Trinity every weekday. GWS have delivered food parcels to 90 households this week which is 4 days food for approximately 270 people.

Next Friday!!! The Trinity Tavern Quiz - Jon and Anna will be hosting a zoom quiz on Friday 5th February at 7.30pm. Enter as a household or as a virtual team (so all households connect with the Zoom meeting and also connect with one another using Whatsapp or Facetime to discuss answers).
Join this Zoom Meeting by clicking on this link -

Or join through the Zoom app using meeting ID: 895 8356 5043

If you need help in any way please do get in touch - e: