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Latest Trinity Update - 3rd July 2020

03 July 2020 11:37

We hope that you are keeping well? At Trinity the scaffolding is nearly up and the refurbishment work has begun! Trinity Church at Home gatherings will continue to meet until the end of July and if you would like to join in then please contact Anna for more details -

As a church it is great to have connections across the world with people that are seeking to share the Gospel in word and deed in various places. Below are some updates from some of these mission partners including an advert for a job with one of our local mission partners, Guernsey Caring for Ex-Offenders:

Guernsey Caring for Ex-Offenders – Job vacancy

A vacancy will shortly become available for the post of Deputy Co-ordinator with Guernsey Caring for Ex-Offenders, a Christian Charity supporting ex-offenders to lead changed lives within the community. A special feature of this post is responsibility for the employment of service users. This is a 35hr per week post which will involve some evening, weekend and on-call duties. The hours of the post are open to negotiation.

This vacancy has arisen due to the imminent departure of the current post holder, Alison Cleveland, who will be greatly missed by the GCFEO team and service users.

For further information please contact Mary Hervé, Coordinator GCFEO. Email; tel 07781 124052

Some Mission Partner Updates

Click here for an update from Chris and Vicki Gregg (Mercy Ships) who are now back in Guernsey!

Tumaini in Tanzania - we were delighted to send £1455 to Tanzania for Tumaini to buy sacks of rice for 40 pastors and their families in the diocese of Lweru - thanks so much for your generosity! Do follow Tumaini on Twitter or Facebook for their latest updates.

From Samara Harrison - YWAM Brisbane Update
Hello there! I have now been in Australia for 19 weeks and have 8 to go! Time has flown so quickly, I can’t believe so many months have passed. Firstly an answer to the most important question - no I have not seen a koala yet unfortunately, but I have seen some kangaroos and joeys! I apologise for this update for being so far into my time here but I hope it gives you a picture of what I have been up to.

Where I am at: It has now been 17 weeks since I arrived at the YWAM Brisbane base and I have learned so much. We have officially finished our lecture phase of the Discipleship Training School, ending it with reading the entire Bible continuously with each person scheduled on for one hour shifts- we started Monday afternoon and ended Thursday night! Next week we embark on our outreach phase in Australia which has been made possible by the low numbers of Covid-19 infections and easing of restrictions. We are so far going into three country towns/cities: Miles, Chinchilla and Bundaberg (all within Queensland). We will be helping out in the communities doing manual labour (painting, gardening, fencing) and ministry such as leading youth groups, church services, bible studies and evangelism on the streets.
Covid-19: The infection rate here in Australia has been fairly low but that has been due to strong restrictions being put in place. This meant that our travelling DTS of ‘Beach to Bush’ was transformed into ‘Bed to Base’ as we were confined to our base for our entire lecture phase. I am however so grateful that our school was able to remain open (as we live on our base) ,this time has been so valuable for me. The lockdown was also made easier by there being so many people to be able to talk to! I realise how lucky I was to be in lockdown with so many friends. The restrictions have meant that we have seen less of Australia than we originally thought but I am taking every opportunity to get out now they have eased.

Lecture Phase: We have had 16 weeks of lectures- my favourites being Character and Nature of God, Relationships and the Bible week. I have grown so much through hearing and studying these topics but also through communal living where you cannot escape! The most important relational thing I have been taught is to put a person above your relationship with them, to do what is highest and best for them always and to choose to see them how God sees them. Every person is valuable and has a purpose. You forgive someone by relating to their value, not their behaviour. I also got the opportunity to write two sermons which I may be able to preach during the outreach phase!

The others: There are 14 of us in our DTS school; 8 girls and 6 guys, representing the countries of Canada, USA, Switzerland, South Africa, Netherlands, Brazil and Belgium. My accent is now somewhere between England, America and Australia with words such as crisps and trousers being forced out of my vocabulary. The most upsetting discovery perhaps is that not everyone grew up to S-Club 7 and Tracy Beaker :(

Prayer request: The outreach phase is centered around small talk with strangers and public speaking which is not particularly my forte so I would really appreciate prayer for courage and guidance in that.

I am so grateful to be here and have this time to learn and grow and become more sure of my identity in God. Thank you to everyone who helped me get here!
Love from Sami
From Chris Black - Soul Edge, Discipleship and Leadership programme in New Zealand
So, what's next for me? Many of you will have noticed that I am not home yet even though Soul Edge is over. This is partly to do with Covid but mainly because of some plans changing. 
To cut a long story short, I'm staying in New Zealand for a little while longer. I was really excited to come home to see everybody and enjoy beautiful Guernsey but I really strongly feel called to stay here in Christchurch! 

What am I going to be doing? I have accepted an offer to intern with the New Zealand base director of Soul Edge ministries, Seb Gray, for the foreseeable future. My Visa runs out in September but I may be looking to extend that with a view to be involved in adventure training, outreach to the street community here in Christchurch city and new Brighton, partnering with Grace Vineyard church and their mission, continuing personal theological study and seeing the kingdom come through a missional lifestyle. 

I will also be growing in my understanding of the Soul Edge leadership by contributing to the administrative side of the course, seeing what it takes to make it happen and helping with the development of other ministries we can set up while the gap year program isn't running. 

A more important and rather exciting and daunting and awesome detail is that for all of this we will be living, working and sleeping in a converted van allowing us to live more simply and be as mobile as possible in Christchurch!

To all of you back on the rock I love you and I really miss you. To those of you who supported me getting out to this side of the globe, thank you so much. I have experienced so much healing, freedom and grace on Soul Edge it's impossible to type it all out and all these new and unique opportunities have only been made possible by your generosity in finance and in prayer. I'm so excited to see God move here to see lives turned around and to keep on growing. 
Peace and love, Chris


Thanks for your support of our mission partners!

With love and prayers
Jon and the Trinity Team