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Latest Trinity Update - 29th May 2020

29 May 2020 10:42

From Jon and the Trinity Team

We celebrate Pentecost this Sunday - the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the followers of Jesus who had been waiting in Jerusalem for the gift of the Spirit that Jesus had promised them.

'And while they were gathered together, He commanded them: “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift the Father promised, which you have heard me discuss. For John baptised with water, but in a few days you will be baptised with the Holy Spirit.' Acts 1


And when the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus' followers, God was at work doing a new thing in the world. God was restoring broken lives as part of his great restoration of the whole of humanity - heaven was coming to earth.


And we too can experience God restoring our, at times, broken lives so that we might join in with His great work of restoring the whole of humanity.


We just need to wait, receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and be prepared for change! As Tom Wright puts it:


'What the Spirit will do when he comes is anybody's guess. Be prepared for wind and fire, for some fairly drastic spring cleaning of the dusty and cold rooms of one's life. But we should not doubt that God will give His Spirit to all who seek him........'


Are we prepared to wait, receive the gift of the Spirit and be changed by God from the inside out?


May you know the presence and power of the Holy Spirit this Pentecost!


This is a terrible segue but having just written about waiting, change and restoration I wanted to update you with some news as we anticipate Phase Four where there will be some changes for most of us!


At the time of writing my understanding is that congregational services will be allowed in this phase. However, we wouldn't be allowed to have more than 30 people at a time even with 1 metre social distancing. We may not be able to sing and we can't have any separate groups for children and teenagers. We would need to do a thorough clean between each service and we can't use the balcony.


So, after some discussion with the Servant Leadership Team and Staff Team we have decided that Sunday services at Trinity won't take place in the near future due to the challenge of the restrictions and guidelines - I'm sorry if that is a disappointment to anyone.


However, every cloud has a silver lining!


For the past year or so we have been anticipating a major programme of repair and redecoration of the main entrance, narthex, nave, chancel, corridors, balcony and ceiling - basically the whole of the main church!


We have been saving money towards this for a while and there is a lot of essential work that needs to be carried out which has been highlighted in the recent comprehensive 5 year survey. We have always anticipated that in order to do this work we would need to put up scaffolding to access the ceiling and then restrict use of the main church building for approximately 6 weeks for the work to be completed. We think that now is the time!

Having just received the tenders we are now in the process of negotiation with two contractors and will report back soon when the contract figure has been finalised, a contractor appointed and the phases of the work established. We are hopeful that this first phase will be able to commence soon and we will provide more details when we have more information.


As we can't meet as normal on a Sunday for worship for a number of reasons we will continue with our online content and small groups and we are also exploring the possibility of 'house churches' which might gather in a house on a Sunday morning for prayer, teaching, coffee and conversation observing hygiene measures, social distancing and respiratory etiquette! More details about 'house churches' will be available soon.


So, like Pentecost we have waiting, change and restoration! Thanks for your patience and understanding.


A few things taking place at this time:


Agape Meal on Zoom!  - Sunday 31st May at 4pm. We will say some prayers, sing some hymns, look at the Bible and share a 'meal'.


What is an Agape Meal? Also known as a ‘Love Feast’, it is a fellowship meal recalling the meals Jesus shared with his disciples and expressing the ‘koinonia’ or community enjoyed by the family of Christ. The Agape Meal derives from early church meals such as are referred to by Paul and symbolise the unity of fellowship in the love of Christ which we share.


You will need at least one candle, bread and wine - the primary symbols of the Agape Meal. In these days of lock-down use what you have. No bread and wine? Use juice and crackers. The important thing is that you share a meal of some sort and pray together.


Click for the order of service AGAPEMEAL1.pdf


Join the Zoom Meeting or use this meeting ID: 823 1052 3225



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