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Latest Trinity Update - 1st May 2020

30 April 2020 12:01

An update from Jon and the Trinity Team

I have been reminded this week that small things have the potential for great good. The author, Cathy Le Feuvre wrote:

‘Just as the tiniest seed has the potential to bring colour into a garden, even a small act of kindness can make the world a better place.’
I have received and observed small acts of kindness over this past week and know this to be true - small acts can make the world a better place.
I have also observed that a 280 character tweet or a facebook comment or a brash response can make the world a scarier place!
May we, as a church community, continue to be intentional about the ‘planting’ of small things in our world whether it be a simple prayer for someone, a word of encouragement, a bar of chocolate left on a doorstep or contacting someone who is on our heart.
The life of the Kingdom of God isn’t necessarily about grand gestures but small acts of grace and kindness given in the name of Jesus.
Lord, although we may not think we can do much,
help us to bring colour, grace and kindness into your world. Amen.


Opportunities for prayer in this season

Night Prayer on Zoom - during May there will be a short time of Night Prayer on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 9pm starting on Sunday the 3rd. Details on how to join are below:
Join this Zoom Meeting by clicking on this link -
Or join through the Zoom app using meeting ID: 894 7268 9818

Click here for the Night Prayer Order of Service to print out and use when joining us on Zoom.

Praying for Care Homes - each Wednesday at 9am in our homes or wherever we may be, a group of us pause to pray for 30 mins for those that live and work in care homes. Whilst we can’t see or hear one another, knowing that we are coming together where we are and lifting our prayers collectively with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ feels very special, we do invite you to join with us if you wish. For more details about what to pray for please contact Helen Sheppard by email.

Monday Prayer on Zoom - at 5.30pm every Monday Derek and Jane Brown will be leading an hour of prayer for the church community and the wider community. Please Contact Derek for more details on how to join in.

Trinity Updates

Thursday Church Update - we are a small congregation of about 20 and as with every other church congregation, for the time being we are no longer able to physically meet on Thursday evenings in Trinity Centre as we used to. To overcome this we have formed a WhatsApp group which has been enormously successful. Our congregation has not only grown but we also meet every single day, rather than just a Thursday, starting with morning worship where individuals contribute with prayers, bible verses, thoughts and worship songs. Six days a week we have a silly competition which runs throughout the day, with people dropping in and out as they are able. At 9pm we meet up for the competition results and prizes before we all say goodnight to each other. It has been such a privilege and delight to be walking through this part of our Christian journey together, supporting each other when the going gets a bit tough with fun, laughter, weeping and prayer by the bucket loads.   Mary Herve

Youth Update - we continue to seek to engage with the young people of the church and continuously try new ways in which to do this, some of which work well, some of which fail sensationally (no different to normal!) :) A lot of our contact is currently though our weekly Zoom sessions on Sunday evenings and through the WhatsApp groups that around 30 of the young people are a part of.  In these groups we share questions, videos, challenges, songs, prayers and encouragement! We’re also in touch with most of the young people on a 1 to 1 basis and pray for all of them and their families regularly!   Lockdown has been hard in a lot of ways for the group of kids that we have, as they are an especially close group and miss spending time together, we’re really looking forward to being able to meet again in person!  Having said that we’re really proud of how well they are doing, how they look out for each other and support and pray for each other in these strange times.       David Girard

Wednesday Roast Update - instead of our normal monthly meal at Trinity for Seniors, GWS and GCFEO contacts, many of whom are isolating, a team cooked and delivered Cottage Pie and Crumble to 65 people in 52 households - the meal was very much appreciated! The plan is to do something similar for Seniors for Liberation Day.

Opportunities to Connect and be Resourced

Trinity Coffee Morning on Tuesday 5th May at 11am - an opportunity to chat with friends, old and new, over Zoom and hosted by Cynthia.
Join this Zoom Meeting by clicking on this link -
 Or join through the Zoom app using meeting ID: 863 8855 1574

 The Trinity Tavern Quiz - Jon and Anna will be hosting a zoom quiz on Friday 22nd May at 7.30pm. Enter as a household or as a virtual team (so all households connect with the Zoom meeting and also connect with one another using Whatsapp or Facetime to discuss answers).
Join this Zoom Meeting by clicking on this link -
Or join through the Zoom app using meeting ID: 814 9993 1472

The Resourcing Pastoral Care Course run by the Association of Christian Counsellors will be delivered on-line starting on Monday 4th May 7.00pm to 9.00pm for 10 weeks. The RPCC is intended for anyone involved in pastoral care. The training is very practical and interactive and the sessions include: Christian Pastoral Care; The Pastoral Care Relationship; Listening Skills; and Reflective Practice. Information and how to book can be found at the ACC website.

The Marriage Sessions - at Care for the Family, we’re passionate about supporting couples in their relationships, and that’s why we’ll be streaming The Marriage Sessions, direct to your home – free of charge! It’s a four-part resource exploring how couples can build a lasting relationship. Whether you’re newlyweds or have been married for years, these sessions will help your marriage blossom during these uncertain times – and all you need is an hour a week. See here for more details on the course and how to sign up.

Daily Hope - The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has launched a free national phone line as a simple new way to bring worship and prayer into people’s homes while church buildings are closed because of the coronavirus. Daily Hope offers music, prayers and reflections as well as full worship services from the Church of England at the end of a telephone line. The line – which is available 24 hours a day on 0800 804 8044 and is also free from Guernsey – has been set up particularly with those unable to join online church services during the period of restrictions in mind.

During this season a lot of what we do together as a church community is online. Details below:

Worship & Word Services - every weekend we upload a service on our YouTube channel - click here to watch and subscribe. We regularly upload  TrinityKids videos including Bible stories and craft activities.

Thought for the Day and discipleship resources are regularly posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Please follow for regular updates.

Discipleship Resources for children, youth and adults can also be found on our Resources page.