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Latest Trinity Update - 3rd April

03 April 2020 10:20

According to Pew Research Centre, a US Fact Tank, more American adults are turning to prayer with 55% praying for an end to the spread of Coronavirus - see this link for the full article. Whether this increase in prayer will turn to a religious awakening across the world only time will tell!

Personally, I have found that I am praying more in this situation. Maybe it's because I have more time and life has slowed down or maybe it's because I have become increasingly aware of the challenges that family, friends and church family face, I am definitely praying more.

The encouragement to 'pray continually' in 1 Thessalonians 5 has taken on fresh meaning for me. I don't think that it means that we do nothing else but pray, but like a compass always returns to North so our lives always return to God in prayer.

And if I'm honest I don't always understand how prayer works but what I do know, with words and with silence, that it is good for us to sit with our Father in heaven and simply pour out our hearts to Him. I am reminded of the words of C S Lewis, when writing about prayer he said 'We must lay before Him what is in us, not what ought to be in us.'

So, in this global crisis can I encourage you to pray continually and to lay before God what is really in you?

Below are some things that are taking place in the Trinity community:

  • As a church we continue to partner with Guernsey Welfare Service who are based at Trinity. GWS have been asked by the States to deliver free food bags to people in need due to financial difficulties. In this past week GWS have supported 80 households with bags of store cupboard and fresh food which should sustain them for 4 days if necessary. This amounts to 200 bags of food for approximately 250 people. If you would like to help financially with this initiative please give via the GWS website.
  • A freezer full of meals! Many people have kindly cooked meals for those who are unwell or unable to get out - thank you so much! If you, or someone you know needs a meal delivered to your door please email Anna
  • The Trinity Year Book and Prayer Diary - We have produced a prayer diary for 2020 with an order for Morning Prayer and a plan to pray for all of the people in our church community over a month. Please email Cynthia  if you would like a copy sent to you by email or post.
  • Holy Week - next week the global church marks Holy Week beginning with Palm Sunday and including Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and ending with Holy Saturday - a day of eerie silence as Jesus' dead body was laid in the tomb. To mark Holy Week there will be a short daily video focusing on the cross of Christ on our Facebook and YouTube pages. On Good Friday, when we remember the crucifixion of Jesus, there will be a longer video of prayer, songs and a talk - do join us on this Holy Week journey.
  • Services of Worship and Word - since we stopped meeting on Sundays we have put together 2 videos of sung worship, prayers, a Bible reading and a short talk. Our original plan to record a whole service every week has obviously changed because of the lockdown. We have looked at live-streaming, Zoom services and Facebook live, as well as other options and have decided that for the moment we will produce a weekly service on YouTube for people to watch in their own time. Have we got this right?! We have no idea but feedback has generally been positive - we are aware that we could put song words on the screen and we are working on that. We are also aware that we have 6 congregations who worship in a variety of ways but we are only producing 1 video service - we are sorry if it's not to everyone's taste but please bear with us. Constructive feedback would be welcomed!
  • Keeping in Touch - we continue to use email, our website, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to help us communicate with the church community. We are also updating our website under Latest News on a regular basis. If you don't use Facebook or Instagram you can either set up an account or you can see some content without having to log in (which is what I do!).                                     
    We are aware that not everyone has internet access so Helen Sheppard is producing a regular newsletter called Trinity Times which is then delivered by post - if you know of anyone who would benefit from this please let us know.
  • Discipleship Resources - as the church scattered it's good to find resources and ideas that help us to maintain spiritual disciples of prayer, Bible reading, silence, worship, generosity and service. On our website we regularly update resource recommendations for adults, families and children. Energize Website - TrinityKids use an online resource called Energize to prepare for Sunday mornings. Energize have announced that we are now able to add parents and carers to our account for free. They have added a new series called Energize at Home to help you with faith based activities at home. If you would like to receive a login for this, please email Emma
  • Good News Stories - if you have a good news story that you are happy to share with the church community either in print or video please let us know!
  • Church Suite Invitation - Church Suite is a cloud hosted, web-based church management system and an ideal  database for churches. Church Suite will help you keep on top of your personal details and involvement with Trinity from events to groups to giving and rotas. Do sign up when you receive an email invitation from us. Many thanks!
Love and prayers