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Latest Trinity Update - 27th March

26 March 2020 14:14
From Jon:
We live in unprecedented times and I find it hard to get my head round all that is going on across our world.
However, in the midst of all that we face in the present and also the future I remind myself daily that 'God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble' which is a verse that comes from Psalm 46. This Psalm also challenges us, in the midst of turmoil, to be still and know that God is God. I have found it really helpful each day to stop, take a deep breath, open my hands and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit who brings hope, peace and joy. May you know that too!
Below are some things that are taking place in the Trinity community:
  • Trinity Church and Centre are now closed and most of the 16 staff who work from Trinity (Trinity, GWS and GCFEO staff) are now working from home and involved in pastoral care, communication, administration, safeguarding, prayer and tackling projects that we have been meaning to do for a while like Eco-Church, Church Suite and databases! As a team we also use Whatsapp to check in with each other daily for Morning Prayer at 8.30am and a Bible Reflection at midday.


  • Church Suite Invitation - Church Suite is a cloud hosted, web-based church management system and an ideal  database for churches. Church Suite will help you keep on top of your personal details and involvement with Trinity from events to groups to giving and rotas. We are planning to send out invitations to sign up to Church Suite next week and would be really grateful if you would take part in this new helpful system!


  • As a church we partner with Guernsey Welfare Service who are based at Trinity. GWS have been asked by the States to carry on with food deliveries to people in need due to financial difficulties. This means that there are 2 members of the GWS Staff team in Trinity from Monday to Friday and also 2 volunteers, at a separate time, preparing bags of food for singles, couples and families. In this past week GWS have supported around 60 households with bags of store cupboard and fresh food which should sustain them for 4 days if necessary. This amounts to 150 bags of food for approximately 160 people. Most of these bags have been delivered by Swoffers. This is double the number of households we normally support. If you would like to help financially with this initiative please give via the GWS website.


  • A freezer full of meals! Many people have kindly cooked meals for those who are unwell or unable to get out - thank you so much! If you, or someone you know needs a meal delivered to your door please let Anna know: e -


  • Keeping in Touch - we are using email, our website, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to help us communicate with the church community. At this time, our intention is to upload a 20 minute Worship and Word service on Youtube on Saturday night for people to watch on Sunday. From Monday to Friday we are posting Blessed Little Thoughts and resource recommendations on Facebook and Instagram. We are also updating our website under Latest News on a regular basis. If you don't use Facebook or Instagram you can either set up an account or you can see some content without having to log in (which is what I do!). We are aware that not everyone has internet access so Helen Sheppard is producing a regular newsletter called Trinity Times which is then delivered by post - if you know of anyone who would benefit from this please let us know.


  • Discipleship Resources - as the church scattered it's good to find resources and ideas that help us to maintain spiritual disciples of prayer, Bible reading, silence, worship, generosity and service. On our website there are some resources for adults, families and children. David and his team are also keeping in regular contact with our young people using a variety of creative ways to strengthen community and grow disciples.
And finally, some sad news. On the 16th March Paul Le Maitre died in the PEH aged 48 surrounded by his family. The picture above is of Paul when he was my guest at the Guernsey Community Foundation Awards - we had a great time! Paul was one of the first people from the local community who started to come into the newly built Centre 12 years ago. At that time Paul lived in Pedvin Street and for the past 12 years he was involved in many Trinity activities during the week and came to two services most Sundays!
Paul was very friendly, quick-witted, warm and lovable. Paul loved to help in the church and he loved to give people big hugs! Paul always sat next to me and Anna at the 10.40 (often popping out halfway through to use the loo, get himself a drink or buy me maltesers from the shop!) and many of us miss him a great deal - Paul was a real treasure of our church community.
I took Paul's funeral service on Thursday with just his immediate family - we laughed and we cried as we remembered Paul. I read 1 Corinthians 13 and spoke about how God's love would never fail Paul and we listened to the song 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman. We hope that when all this is over we might, as a church with his family, hold a service of thanksgiving for our dear Paul.
So, thanks for reading this far! Do stay close to the One who knows your name and loves you with an everlasting love that never fails.
Love and prayers