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Latest Trinity Update - 20th March

20 March 2020 09:33

We wanted to let you know about some things that are taking place at Trinity in these uncertain times:

- the church is open 9am to 2pm from Monday to Friday for personal prayer and reflection only. A very small group (observing social distancing!) meets for Morning Prayer from Monday to Friday at 8.35am for 10 minutes and we are praying our way through the Trinity Directory so we are praying for you!

- we are serving coffee from 9am to 2pm Monday to Friday in the Centre for individuals and couples who are in need of some refuge mainly connected to our partnerships with Guernsey Caring for ex-offenders and Guernsey Welfare. A team member is always available to welcome, serve, sanitise and listen! We are not encouraging people to gather but welcoming those under 65 who are fit and healthy, as we want to keep in step with States Advice.

- we are creating circles of support especially for the elderly and vulnerable and hope that most people in our church community will hear from someone else in the church community regularly by phone, email or whatsapp. If you don’t hear from anyone and would like to keep in contact please get in touch!

- we are hoping to produce a 15 minute video of worship, scripture, talk and prayers each week as an alternative to a Sunday service - if we manage this it will come up on Facebook, Youtube and on the website!

- this coming Sunday there will be a Plant, Prayer and Chocolate Drive-Thru at Trinity! Some very hygienic individuals will be giving out sanitised goodie bags for Mothering Sunday observing social distancing. Just pull up outside Trinity any time between 10.30am and 11.30am and we will either put the bag in your boot or you open your car window and we will give you the bag observing social distancing and you then drive away! We are not encouraging people to gather but welcome those under 65 who are fit and healthy, as we want to keep in step with States Advice

- we are working in partnership with Guernsey Welfare Service to provide food parcels for those in need at this time. People are either picking up food at Trinity or we are delivering parcels as well. If you know of anyone in need please point them in our direction.

- Under the Resources section of our website we will be recommending different resources for children, families and adults to encourage us in following the Lord Jesus Christ using spiritual disciplines. At this time of uncertainty and change do think about starting a new spiritual discipline to help you live well in difficult circumstances. If you use and want to recommend a good resource please let us know?

- A freezer full of meals - We would like to be able to fill our church freezer with meals that we can deliver to people who may be self isolating in the near future. If you are able to prepare a home cooked meal that could be delivered to someone’s door then please can you let Anna know and she will contact you and let you know the details of what we need and the practicalities that will have to be considered to make this work. Please email Anna if you are interested.

We continue to pray for you as the church scattered and look forward to the time when we can also become the church gathered once again!

With our love and prayers

Jon, Anne and Paul
(Vicar and Wardens)