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Frontline Sundays

16 August 2019 11:27

Imagine the difference we would make in the world.

Imagine what would happen if every Christian looked around at the people they spend their days with and asked God: how do you want me to be good news to the people here today?

Starting this Sunday 15th September and in small groups during the week we will be using a resource called Frontline Sundays so that we might be inspired for everyday mission, wherever we are.

The Five Frontline themes are as follows:

1. All the difference in the world - The church is a body of people gathering together and scattering out into the world. Despite being a minority, we can make all the difference in the world.
2. Wherever we are - We all have a frontline – a place where we do life or work, encountering people who don’t know Jesus.
3. Whatever we do - The ‘work of our hands’ matters to God. It’s part of our worship, how we serve others, and bear witness to God.
4. Whoever we are - We are first and foremost sons and daughters of God. Our life on the frontline flows from this identity. This is liberating.
5. Together we grow - When we gather together we build one another up, to have a continued impact on our frontlines.
Click here for a short video about Frontline Sundays.